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John Warekois CPA LLC
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Think you can’t afford your own personalized tax preparer in Oregon? Think again - because my name is John Warekois and as a CPA I focus on providing the finest income tax services for individuals and small businesses in the Rogue Valley! I come from years spent as a top financial advisor in the corporate world, and I know how money and taxes work - but I’m a husband, a father, and a small business owner here in Southern Oregon myself - and after years of working in the upper echelons of financial management - I have found that working with clients one-on-one is where I find the greatest satisfaction!

I specialize in tax preparation because - truthfully - I’m terrific at it. I “get” taxes - and I’m one of the few people you’ll find that actually enjoy the challenge of navigating the ever-changing landscape of America’s Income Tax structure! Let’s face it - tax laws change every single year, and with more than 73,954 pages of tax code (hey – I’m a numbers man!) its tough to keep track of it all! But because taxes are what I do - I’m on top of every change, and that means I can actually make a difference in an your life, your family’s life, and your small business’s success!

You need a tax preparation professional in your court year round - not just three weeks before it’s time to file! I develop a relationship and work with my clients throughout the year to help them effectively prepare for tax season so they have everything they need to file their federal, state, and local taxes easily and on time!

If you’re in any kind of business for yourself you need an expert tax professional on call to help you stay on top of the many deductions you have coming to you! Plus - there are multiple types of business entities to consider when starting any business, and the differences are important. Whatever type of corporation structure you chose - they each offer different tax benefits and deductions. I can help you figure out which type of corporation will maximize your business’s potential for success - and then help you set it up!

While tax preparation is certainly what I do - it’s certainly not all I do! As a CPA and certified financial consultant for over 23 years, I can advise and help you with all aspects of your financial life - both now and in the future. You may not be aware that there are financial steps you need to take in order to protect yourself and your family - and I take pride in safeguarding my client’s best financial interests - not just at tax time - but all year round. Other services I can provide include estate planning, trusts, strategic business plans, setting up payroll, and bookkeeping systems, nonprofit taxes - whatever you need to thrive financially - I can do it for you!

Serving all of Southern Oregon - Medford, Ashland, Phoenix, Talent, Central Point, Eagle Point, Jacksonville, Shady Cove, Gold Hill and White City

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*Estate &Trust Planning
*Audit Representation
*CFO Services
*Business Plan Analysis
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